The former store owners and operators of Chanel-Replica were found to be selling replica goods in violation of numerous Federal laws of the United States of America. A Court ordered the former owners to expeditiously transfer this domain name out of their ownership and control, coupled with being ordered damages to be paid of more than $756,000.00.

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What exactly is replica Chanel?

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To set the record straight, replica Chanel bags, watches, wallets, sunglasses, jewelry or any other clothing and accessories are fakes. These products are illegal. They are produced without permission or authority, and are not condoned by CHANEL.

Rumors and misinformation about what Chanel replica products are commonplace. One of the most common falsehood is that the bag or watch are the same as the original because they come from the same factories. Not true. CHANEL enlists artisans who are highly skilled master craftsmen, who give irreproachable attention to the fine details of each and every piece. CHANEL artisans, all with stellar honed skills and advanced engineering, have no association with replica factories in China. Another common untruth is that replicas are surplus products left over from orginal production runs. Again, not true. There are no surplus accessories, parts or materials left to factories in China. In fact, CHANEL bags and watches are in such high demand, there would be no room for overruns or spares.

Not only are the Chanel replica bags and watches fabricated, the stories behind them are often faked as well.

Those who hold out for the genuine know that they are getting the real thing, and the real story. To ensure the genuine, they shop only at the CHANEL boutiques.

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